How to read the schedule:

Wright’s Blend Classes (karate)


Parent and me:  ages 2-3 Parent(s) participate in class with their child

Lil Champions / Lil Dragons:  ages 4-6

Monday and Tuesday Kids 6-12 years old, Adult 13 years old and up

(Focus is the basic curriculum for the Basic Black Belt)

Come to the class for your belt rank and age group.

Intermediate students can also attend Beginners class for extra practice

Advance students can also go to intermediate and beginner classes as well


Wednesday and Thursday (focus is curriculum for the program you are enrolled in:  Basic, Black Belt Club, or Master’s Club)

Friday is specialty training for Black Belt Club and Master’s Club members

Saturday Basic / lil champions is All levels all ages.  This class is designed as a make-up class for students that missed class Mon –Thur. 


UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS:  Full karate gi on Monday and Tuesday classes, full gi or school t-shirt and gi pants can be worn the rest of the week

WEAPONS REQUIREMENTS:  All weapons have to be purchased from the pro shop.  Weapons purchased anywhere else violate association guidelines and insurance policy.

SPARRING GEAR REQUIREMENTS:  Full gear is required to spar.  Gear is required to be purchased from the pro shop for the same reasons as the weapons.  Please do not make us sit students out because of improper uniforms or gear.

If there is a financial challenge we can spread out payments, put things on layaway, wait for a sale, or refer a new student and receive a gift certificate to the pro shop. 


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, grappling, and Pancrase (MMA)

Little kids BJJ ages 5 -7

Kids BJJ ages 8 -12

Adult BJJ (Combatives) focused on fundamentals and self-defense

BJJ GI focused on advanced self-defense and sport grappling techniques

No gi / MMA  

Open Practice:  This time is for students to come in and practice.  It is not instructor lead.  Students will have to plan to come in together to practice

Invite only will be for those invited to extra class for Fight simulation, reflex development, or extra help/instructors choice. 

UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS:  combatives class is the BJJ White Gi, mma class is school rash guard and school MMA shorts

Woman’s combatives:  Ladies only, Self-defense



MMA FITNESS AND CARDIO KICKBOX:  have there own schedule Fitness, cardio and strength training

BOXING:  Traditional USA Boxing

STAR PARTY:  Normally the second Friday of the month at 7:20pm -8:20 (snack included normally pizza) uniform not required

Parent’s Night Out:   Normally the third Saturday of the Month uniform not required


                BASIC PROGRAM:  Training two classes per week in one style/system

                Unlimited adult single program can train all the adult classes for that system

                BLACK BELT CLUB:  Training three classes per week for age and rank level in Wright’s Blend Curriculum

                MASTER’S CLUB:  Unlimited classes per week for age and rank level in the Wright’s Blend Curriculum

Schedule changes are allowed and stated in student agreements to fit the needs of the instructors, students, and school. 



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