“One Day after Master Class Sam said, “I felt like I had to throw up.” So I asked him.. Why didn’t you tell Sensei? He said…. “Because Winners NEVER Quit Mom.” There was a time when he was either anxious…or restless. His Kindergarten teacher suggested having him “tested”, but that wasn’t what he needed. By divine intervention we found what he needed. Jim and Mary stepped in and suggested Martial Arts. As professionals they would teach him focus and conflict resolution, so he became their student. His Sensei’s really worked to teach him skills. Kinder karate went well. He loved getting his first belt. He became focused on the art, and of course as parents we wanted to see his progress. Proudly this shy guy gave us a Horse Stance and “Kia!” At age 5 he moved up to intermediate class, wanting that novice yellow belt. But when it came time for testing he was so intimidated….he walked off the mat. Heartbroken. He really admires and respects Sensei Wright, and Sensei Wright respects Sam. So that day One on One, having witnessed his progress, Sensei gave him a second chance. This was more than testing… and if you’ve known Jim Wright long enough, you see this for what it is, it’s leading by example – its teaching – its caring. That day set the pace for Sam’s karate. It was a lesson in character, not karate. He got his belt and off he went into Masters Club to earn his yellow belt…..and orange belt, and he found family and mentors, and he’s growing the heart of a warrior. Ok, I got something out of it too! Friends. In the new building there was 3 days of testing and it was tough, but the moment he got his purple belt he Shined! 2 years ago, I invested in my child at Martial Arts & More. Today I have a kid who is proud of his accomplishments, and a kid who is an “exemplary” student in school. I have a happy kid. A kid learning to be fearless, who won’t quit.”

Victoria Masters, mother of Sam Masters

“Most professional and knowledgable instructors I've had the pleasure of training under and with.”

Jeff Morris

“Great facility with knowledgeable instructors”

Luigi Fioravanti UFC Fighter

“Excellent high level training in multiple disciplines!”

Nate Feldman

I have been at Wrights Extreme Martial Arts for almost a month and a half now. Wrights is an awesome place to be! The instructors and students are very good people. I enjoy it primarily because it has a nice family vibe. Everyone at Wrights is very humble, respectful, generous and willing to help.
Manuel Zenguis

“Martial Arts and More offer classes for the entire family! I have heard testimony from several friends whose children's lives have been changed from the programs offered at this school. Jim's reputation has made this THE place to go for all types of martial arts training. I highly recommend Martial Arts and More!”

Suzie Pryor Montag

I started a month ago going to Wright's gym as a manager and best friend of an Amateur MMA fighter. We traveled from a prestigious gym in the DMV area; I saw the training from one teacher, Rick, as he instructed BJJ ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ) and was highly impressed... later in the day kickboxing and Muay Thai had me even more so. Sensei Wright, his daughter and the other instructor who is amazing with children blew my mind. I am very strict with our 2 girls as I home schooled them and still do for one... so to have someone spend so much time with them and have such an impact on their lives, these Sensei's would have to be as spectacular as humanly possible. Recently watching them with their new Sensei David and seeing the smiles on their faces makes me even more excited. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a professional career, (as they have trained the pros) someone who just wants empowering exercise classes, children's classes, family activities, help with school, or regular classes to improve what you already know. Not only are children who are gifted taking classes and treated equally, but special needs children as well. This is an amazing family environment that I would fight to stay with as long as possible. I am VERY impressed.

 Stacie Jent

“Sensei James Wright has put a lot of thought and care into what he wanted to build and create at BJJ Unchained. Jim is the best at what he does and is top notch, giving individual attention to each participant and student. His style and approach is encouraging, instructive and calming. He also brings a wealth of knowledge to the MMA, Muay Thai, and Pancrase fighting. Although they are well on their way to creating the next title-holding fighters in MMA, the gym has a family atmosphere and there is something for everyone, especially for kids, and those just looking for a great workout!”

Brandon Burton - Crew Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

“I have been a member of Martial Arts and More (formerly Wrights Extreme Karate) for well over four years.  I signed my son up because of his interest in Karate under the basic program.  Mr. Wright then talked to us about Brandon doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mauy Thai and boxing.  Brandon enjoyed it such much that we checked into the prices and they didn't cost no more than we were already paying, so we became part of the Masters Club as a family.
Roughly after six month my other two kids decided they wanted to try the karate program, so between them playing soccer, we managed to get them involved.  Well a long story short both my soccer players have become Martial Artist full time.  I now have a 16 year old black belt in karate and future blue belt in BJJ and recently promoted green belt in Judo, and two green belts who are diligently working towards their black belt.  One of those green belts, my 12 year old daughter has been training in BJJ and this past weekend has now decided to try Judo.  Mr. Wright has made my kids feel like a part of his family.  The one trait I do enjoy about him and his staff.  knowing each time my family walks through those doors we are greeted with smiles and hellos.  Any parents out there that wants to help build their child's confidence in themselves should give Martial Arts a try.  I know the staff here at Martial Arts and More is very helpful and understanding and are willing to work with anyone.  I highly recommend parents to get your kids involved in Martial Arts for their confidence and the ability to protect themselves in the need arises.  I know I feel safer knowing my 12 year old daughter can take care of her self, especially in today's society.  Most dojo's in this area do train in the Martial Arts in the form of BJJ, but if you want to do the whole package: Karate, BJJ, Judo, Mauy Thai, fitness programs, kick boxing and boxing, I recommended you give Mr. Wright and his staff a shot.”

Ben Stanley 

The thing I like most about Wright’s Carolina Karate Center is the inclusion of morals and strong values and the focus on how to incorporate positive behaviors at school and at home, above and beyond merely learning the important tool of self-defense.

Kathy Barnes
Jacksonville, NC

I learned something new every time I take class, always about Karate, but oftentimes about myself.  I am learning that to be a good partner I must be able to encourage and to challenge-to bring out the best in myself and others.  I am learning to confront my fears on the training floor and to accept my own aggressive impulses as natural, healthy, and controllable.  Perhaps most importantly, I am discovering the value of treating myself, as well as others, as a special person entitled to courteous treatment.
            My deepest gratitude is extended to Sensei Wright for his devotion to excellence.  Thank you to the entire Wright’s Karate Power Team for all you give, especially your patience in teaching.  Your persistence and endurance are unsurpassed! 

Elisabeth Rucket
Adult Karate Student

I began training at Wright’s Carolina Karate Center in October, 2001, because I was looking for looking for a stimulating work out and a hobby.  New to Jacksonville, I did not have much to do outside my job and I needed to devote some time to myself and my emotional and physical well being.
            My reasons for continuing my training are quite different from my reasons for beginning.  As soon as I started coming to classes I realized that I had entered a very close-knit and caring family of individuals in the Dojo.  It was much more than simply a place for training.  I truly felt that my instructors cared for all the students and were determined to bring out the best in all of us.  I also realized quickly that karate is not the type of sport that can merely be used as a workout.  It requires focus, discipline, and determination. 
            I have enjoyed my training thus far because I feel that it has improved my self-esteem, perseverance, and overall well-being.  I have a strong desire to continue learning techniques and become more skilled in the Martial Arts.  I am always excited and ready to come to class, and I enjoy practicing outside of class.  I feel very welcome when I attend class, and I have never doubted the support of the other students and instructors at the Dojo. 
            I realized how important to me my training is.  Every week I set new goals for myself as I pursued my black belt.  Each time I come to class I anticipate learning something new and becoming more comfortable with my karate skills.  I am very thankful to Wright’s Carolina Karate Center for allowing me to feel at home and to grow both physically and emotionally over the past months.

Jaime Lynn Quackenbush
Adult Karate Student

The main reason why I started taking karate is because I needed to devote some time to myself.  My days were filled up with taking care of two small children, college classes, volunteering at the women’s center, working a part time job and being head of the house.  I started to lose who I was because I gave every bit of energy I had to everyone and everything around me.  This caused me to have a lot of resentment towards the decisions I was making for myself.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for myself but I knew there had to be something. 
            Kickboxing was something I had never done before, but I found myself really enjoying it.  After an hour of blood, sweat, and tears I felt so good that I knew what my outlet would be. 
            That phone call I made to start training at Wright’s Karate has changed my life.  I finally found the part of myself that I was missing.  Karate has given me a new sense of direction and more confidence.  My friends, family, even my co-workers have noticed and commented on how happy I am these days.  I look forward to going to class every week.  I’ve found a new family at Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts and  Karate Center.  I was not judged by anyone, but more or less welcomed with open arms.  You don’t find that too often. 
            My reasons for starting Karate have changed as to why I will stay with it.  In the beginning I would go to class, do what was needed for 45 minutes, and then go home.  Now I go to class and come home with this unbelievable energy and natural high I want to share with everyone!  Karate has become a part of who I am and I will never let that go.

Sadie Westring
Adult Karate Student

Six months ago, I would have told you I can’t.  Now I refuse to say that.  I have replaced that with wanting to be the best that I can be, not the “number-one-better-than-everyone-show-off” in class.  I have found a new family, a new sense of accomplishment, and a better understanding of being something great.  So now you ask me what I have gotten from Karate.  I’m not sire that the text book answer is, but I do know that I have the courage to face a new challenge every day.  I have the self-discipline to continue training and practicing.  Karate has changed my life for the better as my son and I have something to look forward to and something to physically and mentally challenge us in a world made of ready-made answers and electronic stimulus.
Heather Wootan
Adult Karate Studcnt

I don’t know if I can successfully say how appreciative I am of the things Sensei Wright has done for me and how grateful I am for all he has willingly given to me, and everyone else at the Dojo.  I have been here at Wright’s Martial Arts and Karate Center for over a year now, and not only have I seen my own life change for the better, but I’ve seen all the others around me grow and become better people for having been thought by Sensei Wright.  Whether it’s Martial Arts, or religion, or ANY life situation, he has the abilities and the willingness to teach anybody about these things, because he has done so with me.  He gives so much to his students and staff, and he does it WILLINGLY.  He asks for nothing in return, although I wish we, in turn, could give him everything he’s given us so freely.
            Sensei Wright and his school have become my family.  I have never been as happy as I am when I am at the Dojo.  He has given me my future and the means to get there.  When I moved to Jacksonville, I had a negative view about everything.  I hated this town and the people in it even before I got here.  I was a miserable person because I didn’t accept that this is where I lived now.  I didn’t want to make friends, I didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t even want to be at home.  I was unhappy ALL the time!  Then I was introduced to Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts and Karate Center.  My life turned around.  My outlook on life changed completely.  I’d live in this town forever if Wright’s Carolina Karate Center was here.  I truly mean Sensei Wright’s school has changed my life.  I’m a better person, and I’m still improving, just like everyone else at the Dojo. 
I’ve learned more than self-defense.  I’ve learned about life, and how to live and be happy.  Many things haven’t been said in this letter, but I can’t exactly put it into words.  Sensei Wright has loved me as a student for as long as I have been here.  I love Sensei Wright!

Cardine P. Smith
Teenage Karate Student

I was the calmest, quietest most scared kid you could meet, until my grandfather who raised me died.  Then a surge hit me.  It felt like nothing could stop me.  I wasn’t afraid anymore, nor was I calm or quiet.  I got into fights and didn’t want anyone to bother me, not even my family.  One day I looked in the mailbox and found an invitation to Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts.  At first I didn’t want to go, but while riding my bike one day I took a hard hit, and realized maybe karate would get me back on track.
            The first day I walked into I felt like I just wanted to hit somebody.  After time, the anger inside of me was controlled enough to put it into my hits and kicks.  The motivation and determination to be one of the best and most focused increased.  It was like I was starting over. 
            While at Wright’s Carolina Karate Center I’ve made friends, gotten better grades, improved my speed, and found a way to have a positive attitude about myself and my life.  Somewhere deep inside I know my grandfather is looking down proud.  I thank Sensei Wright and others for helping me.  My journey is just beginning. 

Chris “The Dragon” Bradley
Teenager Karate Student

“James is a very humble and technical instructor, his jiu jitsu skill and application is high quality and straight to the point in both self defense and sport. I definitely recommend his tutelage and mentorship in any aspect of the martial arts especially in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.”     Rob Cohen

“This place is the best!” by Jana Cruz Evans

“This Martial Arts center is by far one of the best and most professional in the area without a doubt! We also love how affordable it is for our family, though honestly at any cost I would continue to have my daughter attend classes here! My 4 yr old was once a wild and crazy child and Sensei Nohelia helped her with kindness and discipline become a very respectful young lady again! I love how structured and educational each class is and my daughter just keeps wanting more! Thanks again you guys!!! “

 Phillip Werner

 “Loved them, very knowledgeable and helpful.” Alyssa Pleasant

“Martial arts and more is a great school! They have, knowledgeable instructors, a clean family friendly environment, and offer several disciplines for kids and adults. Five stars!” Joel Collins

Age Group:
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How do we know we are number one in Onslow County.

Awarded Best of the Best martial arts schools in Onslow County 2018 by Jacksonville Daily News

Awarded the Excellence in Martial Arts 6 times from one of the biggest martial arts organizations in the world, Martial Arts Industry Association a division of Century Martial Arts.

United Professionals – rated Wright’s in the top 100 best martial arts schools in the country

RS Mitchell ‘s group rated Wright’s number one in Onslow County.  They actually went to each school, toured it, watched classes and interview the staff.  They have a complete Evaluation sheet of each school.  All the schools did not know they were being shopped.  They thought they were interviewing a potential client.  Wright’s got the information because we were number one.   

Internet reviews rank Wright’s the best in Onslow County.  This is much harder to evaluate because each school can manipulate those reviews.

Martial Arts Industry Association relies heavily on curriculum develop.  Wright’s has a complete curriculum for Karate, kickboxing, MMA and BJJ.  We have three character education programs to include a Leadership Curriculum.  This curriculum was recognized by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Sensei Wright was given an award from them and made the state representative for NC for Curriculum Development and Leadership Training. 

There has been other award and recognition by our students, our mayor, Senator Walter B. Jones, UFC fighters and many more. 

Certified Gracie Training Center.  Certified by the biggest most recognized name in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Biggest school in Onslow county with most martial arts training equipment.

The biggest reason for all these accolades is our students.  We have trained over 50 professional fighters.  We have won thousands of trophies, medals, and awards in competition.  We have trained over 25 MMA title holders.  For the record I hold no title in MMA.  I won a fight and was awarded a belt for the fight. 

Also for note that the companies that rate the school none of them care about fight records, tournament wins, or how athletic anyone is.  All of those companies care about what you do for personal development.  Everyone knows that there will always be someone bigger, stronger, or more talented and as age gets us all the fact that someone won a trophy or medal when your 80 years old just doesn’t matter.  Relationships matter.  When your 80 years old that is real important not if you have a belt, trophy, or medal.