Mary  Owner operator of:
Martial Arts and More in Jacksonville NC
Studio 360 Pole Fitness and Dance

Professional Spokes Person and Model
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Cameron School of Business
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Concentration(s): General Business
Overall/Major/Concentration GPA: 3.38   Graduation: May, 2014

Coastal Carolina Community College
Associates of Arts in Psychology
Professional study with certifications in:
Child development
Other Studies:

Completed 50 hours of training in specifically for teaching in public school systems. 
Taught in various schools through out Hardin County, Kentucky. 
Completed 28 hour course of childhood development studies  
Completed 18 hours course on special needs children
Completed 10 hours of early childhood care  


Taught for two years in Rochester, NY homeschooling co-op 
Taught Sunday school and vacation bible school for over 16 years. 
Certified Little Dragon Instructor for Martial Arts. 
Certified SWAT team member. 
Certified Black Belt
Special Winning Attitude Team of Instructors
General Manage of Three Martial Arts Academy's


-Playboy Lingerie model for the Kandy Masquerade Party
-Power boats magazine, Cover model, November
-Rolling Riders magazine, Cover model, January
-FLAVA magazine
-Cover of Beach Bunny Magazine
-MMA Jacked, feature model, June 2008
-Knockout Athletics, Knockout Girl
-Poster for Knockout Athletics MMA Expo in New York City, NY
-Drop jaw magazine, home grown hottie
-Risqué boutique, model
-Fight to the Finish, clothing model
-Carmines Model Search, Winner
-Planet Beach bikini contest, 3rd place
-Professional Cage Girl in over 50 MMA Cage fights
-Ruckus in the Cage 17, Cage Girl Champion Bikini Contest
-Armature Fight League Girl Champion Bikini Contest
-Extreme Limo spokes model
-Triple threat spokes model
-Owners wife in “Southern Fried Stings, Disabled odies”
-Home Town Hottie Contestant for Maxim Magazine
-Marriage Counselor in the movie “Best Sex I’ve Ever Had”


James  Owner operator of:
Martial Arts and More in Jacksonville NC
License Real Estate Agent
Jville Vending

Studio 360 Pole Fitness and Dance
Professional Fighter, trainer, Corner man, MMA match maker, Promoter

Monroe Community College

Rochester Institute of Technology
Robbins Research Institute Master University
Various Marine Corps Schools as well as Boot Camp and TBS
Over 50 completed course of study while in the USMC
Various business seminars and trade programs
Jacksonville Real Estate Academy
Life Wellness Coach
Personal fitness and weigh loss coach
Martial Arts background:   Professional Mixed Martial Artist
30 years of Martial Arts Training, Instructing, and Coaching
World Karate Union Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee

Black Belts in Traditional Martial Arts:
6th Degree Fudozen Shorinji Kempo
2nd Degree Go Ju Ryu
1st Dan Goshin Jutsu Yudansha Kai
1st Dan Shotokan
1st Dan Tae Kwon Do
Black Belt Instructor in Combative Arts:
Marine Corps Line Training
Close Combat Instructor
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
Kru in Black Tiger Muay Thai

Belts in Grappling arts:
Black Belt Pancrase
Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Author of:
SWAT Team Leadership Course
Bully Busting Program
Super Safe Kids
American Warrior Instructional DVD series
Sensei Teaches Focus
Hand to Hand Combat Kempo Curriculum

Retired US Marine Corps Reserves:
NCO Counselor
Professional counselor
Career counselor
Toys for Tots Coordinator
Marine of the Year 1992
Substance Abuse SNCO counselor
USMC SNCO advanced professional communications
Corrections and corrections supervisor
Combat intelligence and interview/interrogations
Executive Officer II MACE



Sensei's Wrights  James and Mary

Age Group:
First Name
Last Name

Caitlyn Webber is the only female certified instructor for Jiu Jitsu, combatives, and Women Empowered (women's self-defense) in the area.  Extensive training in self-defense and instructing martial arts and fitness.  Currently working on her Master's degree so she is smart too!!!

Ryron Gracie    Nate Feldman         Rener Gracie

Deanna Wright 3rd Degree Black Belt  

Deanna was on the floor since shortly after birth.  After she came home from hospital she went to work with me. 
She started informal training as soon as she was able to walk.
Formal classes at 5 years old
Received yellow belt in GoShin jitsu at 6 years old
Received a green belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 8
Received Junior Black Belt with me in Kempo at age 10
Adult Black Belt at 16
Second Degree at 18
Brown Belt in Okinawa Te 

Black Belt in GoShin Jitsu

Associates Degree
Tournaments:  she has competed in over 200 tournaments and has won over 500 awards.  Three time triple crown champion NC State Games.

Has earned the most awards in the karate association:  patches, medals, trophies, certificates and more.
Demonstration:  She has performed in over 1000 demonstrations in front of audiences of 5 to 10 people up to 5000 people.
She has taught karate to all ages from 2-56 she has run our entire program from time to time.
Mommy and me classes, kinderkarate, regular training, tournament team coach, demo team coach and Instructor classes.   
She has been in commercials, magazines, newspapers, news cast and radio. 

Karate Staff:

Sensei James Wright

Sensei Mary Wright

Coach Caitlyn Webber

Coach Val Vandoren

Sensei Aaron Klein

Sensei Nate Feldman

Coach Remy

Missing from photo: 

Sensei Leah Ochoa  and Coach Chino Duarte

Picture of Professor / UFC fighter Nate "The Great" Marquardt, Professor James Wright, and Professor Master Instructor Professional Fighter Jerry Roeder

Nate Marquardt - Incredible person and fighter.  7X King of Pancrase, Black Belts in BJJ and Pancrase, former Strike Force Champion, UFC veteran.  Nate has been a guest instructor at the school for over 10 years  Professor Roeder and Professor Marquardt are long time friends and trained together since Nate was a teenager.  Unbelievable talent.  Check out his website and Pancrase site for more information on Nate and keep an eye for him in upcoming UFC events.

Professor Roeder is the most respected Mixed Martial Arts Instructor in this region.  His teaching has had a tremendous effect on the grappling and fighting in this region of the United States and in all other area that his students have moved to.  Jerry was more than likely the first Active Duty Marine to fight MMA.  From all of the research I have done Professor Roeder set the stage for all Marine fighters to come.  He was a coach of UFC veteran and WEC champion Brian Stann.  Jerry teaches at the school occasionally and runs Tapped out to Jesus men's grappling Bible Study at Calvary Church on Henderson Drive on Sundays.  Any time you get a chance to work with Professor Roeder you should drop everything else and be there.  He is one of the best human beings I have had the pleasure to meet and be friends with. 

Retired Marine Major

Combatives Instructor

4th Degree Black Belt Pancrase

Nate Feldman certified instructor in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Pancrase, and Kempo Karate.  Nate is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Pancrase.  He holds a 2nd degree Black Belt in Kempo Karate.  Nate is also a combatives instructor.  He is a competition champion in wrestling and grappling.  Overall Martial Arts Extraordinaire.  In January 2017 became Head Instructor for Karate and Jiu Jitsu systems at Martial Arts and More.  Nate ran the Pancrase affiliate program in New York.  He trains with his two kids Malachi who is a Junior Black Belt and Macie who is a Junior Black belt both in the Kempo karate program.  

Martial Arts Instructors, Jacksonville NC, Kempo Karate, BJJ, MMA, Pancrase, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Adults and children beginner to advanced