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How to get financial assistance to pay for tuition, gear, and other martial arts supplies. 

Ambassador Program (see below)

School Referral Contest: 

From time to time the school runs a referral contest where you can win uniforms, gear, money, and many other prizes have been given in the past like X Box game systems, TVs and more.  Work to win those contest!!


From time to time we have individuals or businesses that will sponsor a student to help pay the cost of lessons, competition, and gear.  You can work to get sponsors to help.  See our sponsor page.

Wright's Way Foundation:  Our non profit should be up and running soon.  There will be chances to do fund raisers that can help sponsor students in need of financial assistance.


This should be called inboxpennys.  This is an online survey site that you can make money by clicking on emails, watching videos, using their search engine, doing surveys and more.  Warning you do not make much.  If interested there is a system to making it work faster for you.  Click on link below and register and earn your first $5 just for being a member then email Sensei Wright to get the quick way to make a few extra dollars.

Get others involved:  Have grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other family members assist.