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​Hey Jacksonville and surrounding areas!

Perfect time to get fit, set goals and become part of a winning team.
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Martial Arts and More
8 weeks for $88 special or the entire family for $176
Gain confidence     Improve discipline     Set and achieve goals!  
To make sure classes to not get crowed there is a limit to 19 trial programs of 8 weeks for $88 
Register today! expires 3/31/19

Classes are Monday - Saturday
Call to schedule your first class.  It will be private/semi private.
910 989 0006
The rest of the classes will be with the team members. 
Depending on which classes you want to take there may be uniforms or gear you might need.  

Plan to go over the different programs after your first class to see what best serves your interest and needs.  

​Martial Arts and More is now a Championship Martial Arts school with the leading traditional martial arts curriculum with a modern twist.  The Championship Martial Arts organization is world wide and expanding every year.

Our Kempo Karate program is a complete Martial Arts Traditional Program.  The Basic Karate Program consist of basic Self-defense fundaments, character education, goal setting, strength and conditioning, forms, and more than karate.  The curriculum covers all the kicks of tae kwon do, basic Judo throws, basic takedowns of wrestling, basics of kickboxing, and combatives.  The beginner classes are designed to learn the art of Kempo Karate.  Those that want to compete in kata, weapons, and sparring should take the competition classes. 


Head of the Kempo organization USA

Grand Master James Galati Red belt (10th degree Black Belt) wears the Red Belt to signify he is the head of organization.

Master Dan Genovese 8th degree Black Belt and President of the Kempo Karate Institute of Western NY

Master James Wright 6th degree Black Belt is Master Chief Instructor at Martial Arts and More

Sensei Deanna Wright 3rd degree Black Belt Head Instructor at Martial Arts and More

Next in Line is YOU!


Grand Master James Galati—Master Galati inherited the Kempo system when his instructor first moved back to Japan then later stopped training to pursue other goals.  Under Grand Master Galati’s tutelage the system has grown to over a dozen schools and hundreds of Black Belts.  He is a 10th degree Black Belt but actuals wears a Red Belt to signify he is the head of the system.  Experienced competitor, coach, instructor and mentor.  Grand Master Galati also host the annual Kempo Karate tournament where all of the schools are invited to compete, train, and get together. 

Master Dan Genovese—Master Genovese is Sensei Wright’s first instructor.  He is an 8th degree Black Belt under Grand Master James Galati and has been in the Kempo system for over 40 years.  He is the second in charge of the Kempo system and is Master Galati’s senior ranking student.  Master Genovese is President of the Kempo Karate Institute of Western NY and has promoted over 100 Black Belts.  Many of his Black Belts went on to have careers in the martial arts.  Master Dan is a seasoned competitor and mentor to Sensei Wright.

Master James Wright— see Master Chief Instructor info

Sensei Deanna Wright Torrez is among the youngest 3rd Degree Black Belts in the Kempo System.   Deanna Graduated from Richland High School and Costal Carolina Community College.  Head Instructor for all levels of the Kempo system.  It is amazing her accomplishments at such a young age.  Sensei “D” is the most accomplished Black Belt in the academy besides Sensei Wright.  Sensei “D” has won over 300 awards in competition.  She earned the title “Triple Crown Champion”  three years in a row at the NC State Games for Karate.  That means she won 1st place in forms, weapons, and sparring.  She has competed nationally at the US Open.  She has gone through the Staff Training Program.  She has been through the STORM and SWAT team course multiple times, as well as,  performed in front of thousands of people on the Demo Team.  She is a Certified Black Belt Instructor.  She is the highest Ranking Black Belt and Instructor in the academy in the Kempo system and has been on the floor since a week after she was born.  She has trained with world champions, movie stars and many other great instructors.  Sensei “D” has earned every patch the school offers.  She has earned belts in other styles of Martial Arts too.  She had over 2,000 hours of classes before earning her adult Black Belt.  She is the only student to have been a children’s Black Belt, a junior Black Belt and now adult Black Belt.